The Cave Cellars

Beneath the Inn exists another network of caves.

Yorkey, who never wanted to leave Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, is said to regularly visit the cellar caves. Having been seen in the cellars on many occasions, he apparently plays tricks on the staff and likes to move things around.

Located in the Cellars is an old cockfighting pit and part of the Castle Gaol was said to be housed in the cellars at one time. This included the condemned cell, a small cell with a very low ceiling with small holes drilled to allow a little air to flow through. The Gaoler would have sat just outside the cells on the ‘Gaoler’s Chair’ which was etched out of the rock and can still be seen today.

Also to be seen in the cellars, is the end of a ‘speaking tube’ that was bored through to the Castle to make the ordering of ale a simple process. Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine how effective or otherwise this might have been since the Castle end of the ‘tube’ is now irretrievably lost.